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Educational Animal Attractions

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The Great American Entertainment Company LLC, was founded in 1983 by David and Dianne Linderman. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality animal attractions in the country. Their quest is pure and simple... keeping agriculture alive with real life experiences. 


The Great American Entertainment Company LLC, has been providing this important, educational, and entertaining experience for over 40 years, and they do it better than anyone. Our company not only is a hub of excitement working with fairs, movies, and events around America, but it now has 14 different attractions to choose from.


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Dear Great American Entertainment Co...

Your petting zoo is the best ever. I went to the one in Orange County (Southern CA.). I could have spent the entire day there. Got some excellent pictures. 


One genius goat was just waiting by the food dispensing machine. When people put money in, he pushed them out of the way and ate the pellets right out of the machine. A much smaller goat could never reach where the pellets came out so he was standing on top of the hay to get the sympathy vote. 


I was especially impressed with the variety of animals. I had never seen where children (and adults) were also allowed to brush them. 


I hope you come again every year. I will be there. I will plan it so that I can spend at least 1 hour there. Had a great time. Your animals are clearly well taken care of.



Dr. Patty Boge  (veterinarian)

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David and Linderman, founders of the Great American Entertainment Company LLC., came up with the idea of bringing the zoo to you because of the need to share these important experiences with everyone from the young to the young-at-heart. Along the way, famous movie animals have been placed with GAE Co. to live their life out in a safe and happy place. The most unexpected opportunity that happened every year was that dozens of troubled teens showed up needing help. David and Dianne Linderman have become experts in helping troubled teens. They found that bringing troubled teens to work around animals was the best therapy on earth. Many of these kids have grown up in this company and learned the importance of a good work ethic, and are now partners and junior partners of the Great American Entertainment Co. LLC. 

David and Dianne Linderman will never lose sight of what’s important—quality, professionalism, dignity, love, and vision, is their management style. Their commitment to quality in everything that matters with their employees, partners, clients, animals and the public are what makes them tick!

Our dream has always been to have a ranch in Texas where families from everywhere in the country could join us for a real-life ranch adventure. This concept should be on everyone’s bucket list of things to do in life. Now our dream has become reality at our ranch in Stephenville, Texas! For more 

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